Thursday, 29 July 2010


Today I spent a lot of time working out instructions for a better shaped slouch beanie.....I was NOT in a good Maths frame of wasn't until I was drinking a well deserved cuppa that a little light came on in my brain.
I have decided that when doing beanies in trebles, it looks SO much better to work in a spiral and I hate the mark that is left when joining and doing 3 chain to take the level up to the next row.I also wanted the look that you get when you don't turn your work after each row.....If I do a turning chain my work tends to go on the bias and this doesn't look good. So spirals it is !!!!!
I also worked out a pattern for a new baby cardigan.....tested out the stitch and I am pleased with I wrote out the instructions in my book. Writing patterns takes such a lot of time....but once done can be used over and over again.....

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