Saturday, 31 July 2010


well most of today, I have been designing......I have so many pieces of paper all over the place....I have put a lot of the designs into my book and there are STILL lots of crossings out. I like to work with measurements too, so I have drawn lots of pictures to go with the instructions.
Now I need to go and sort out my stash ready to crochet tomorrow.....

Friday, 30 July 2010


well it is quite cold here in the UK today...whatever happened to summer? At least I have been able to make two more beanie hats. I am stock piling them for listing , which will be after we change our ISP....we haven't decided yet who to choose but I hope not to be offline for more than a couple of days.
I am looking forward to the weekend....

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Today I spent a lot of time working out instructions for a better shaped slouch beanie.....I was NOT in a good Maths frame of wasn't until I was drinking a well deserved cuppa that a little light came on in my brain.
I have decided that when doing beanies in trebles, it looks SO much better to work in a spiral and I hate the mark that is left when joining and doing 3 chain to take the level up to the next row.I also wanted the look that you get when you don't turn your work after each row.....If I do a turning chain my work tends to go on the bias and this doesn't look good. So spirals it is !!!!!
I also worked out a pattern for a new baby cardigan.....tested out the stitch and I am pleased with I wrote out the instructions in my book. Writing patterns takes such a lot of time....but once done can be used over and over again.....

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Yesterday I made a peach coloured baby beanie which I have listed on ebay for a change.
I made a small flower and put a pretty silver bead in the middle of it. I like this beanie so I think I will make some more in different colours.
Today was a busy day, so I only got one beanie made and that was a red slouch beanie. I am going to stock pile them for the autumn and also because we are soon going to change our ISP so I might have to go offline for a few days....I will hopefully be able to post on here to let everyone know when that will be.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Just finished another slouch beanie......this one is a grey marl mix and was lovely to work with. The yarn is called Marble and is by James C Brett. I love the way that it changes colour and is really suitable for beanie hats....
I made another hat today and also a baby one but haven't taken any pictures this space.

Monday, 26 July 2010


just taken pics of the new baby cardigan....It is worked from the side, so that the colour changes are vertical.. This cardigan was made in Pink aran weight yarn and the mauve and white are dk. I used a 5.50 hook for this and a 4.50 hook for the bottom welts.
This is my own design and I like to make these in all sizes. For years I used this system of working to make large lady's jackets which I sold at craft fairs.
This tiny cardigan will go in my folksy shop at the end of the week...size 3-6 months

Sunday, 25 July 2010

today I listed my new baby shawl....this is at the incredibly low price of £25 +p&p....I certainly won't list another one at this price as it took me over 12 hours of crochet to make it.....well below the basic rate of pay !!!!!! SOOOO...if you are looking for a nice baby gift.....jump in quickly before it is taken. I am now making a baby cardigan, which is almost is in pink, mauve and white (had to have mauve in I hope to get it sewn up this evening and then perhaps listed in the next couple of days............ at least we haven't had any rain today....yet.....
Now I need to start the dinner...thank goodness for ready cooked

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Last night I finished the baby shawl that I was making. It took quite a few days to make it and I hope to take some pictures over the weekend and then get it listed in my folksy shop. It took me 2.1/2 hours just to do the edging and there were nearly 60 rows in the shawl...each one taking between 8 and 10 minutes, so it was a labour of love.
I now need to go and sort out ready for my next this space.....

Friday, 23 July 2010


Another beanie hat for today.....not a very good picture of it....the sea is still a nice blue colour, despite the rain !!!
Nearly finished the baby shawl...just got 20 rows to do and then the edging......the most difficult part is making sure it is kept clean and every time I put it down I place it in a bag to protect it.
I will then have to weigh it as I have no idea how much it might cost for postage if I sell it.
I am hoping that someone will buy it for a new baby pressie...

Thursday, 22 July 2010


today's item in a beanie hat with a crocheted flower. Made in a nice marl yarn which changes colour as you fits "Jacqueline" very nicely. I shall be listing this hat in my folksy shop and another almost identical one in etsy.....
the sun was shining when I took this picture and the sea was looking a beautiful blue....(doesn't happen very

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Today I listed this tiny baby is in a pretty pink with a silky thread running through it.
It has four pretty star shaped buttons....and only £7.50 !!!
I am going to make some more similar ones in assorted colours. A baby can never have enough cardigans...especially with the British weather....

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


this is one of my T shirts that I have for sale on my folksy site
I have made a lot of these in different colourways over the years.

Monday, 19 July 2010


Today I have listed a baby set on folksy.
It is in a delicate shade of peach acrylic and is made to fit a 0-3 month old baby....
I was going to just make it with short sleeves but it is SO cold here in the UK that I put long sleeves on
I live in hope of a nice summer. The sun is shining this morning but there is still a chill in the air.
I have finished two more beanie hats that I hope to list soon. Just a case of taking some pictures !!

Sunday, 18 July 2010


well I had a nice lie in this morning and then had to drive down to get a Sunday paper.....
We then went to our local shopping outlet area....not much there, just a Lidl, Focus, Halford, Dream Beds and Pets at home....but TODAY a new Poundstretcher we decided to go and take a look. They sell yarn which works out at just over £1 per 100 g...which is good and we don't have to pay to park....but even better, I got a pack of three biros, a clutch pencil, a rubber and a highlighter......why would I want these????....well... Teresa who does a lot of crochet youtubes has recently been seen with a piece of rubber tubing on her crochet hooks, which makes the hook softer to hold.( I already use Clover soft touch hooks )....anyway on two of the biros were these rubber tubes....Eureka !!!!! I bought a pack (only £1) and have fitted the two tubes on two of my most used hooks that are not the Clover ones.....They are brilliant and SO soft to the touch.....It will save me a lot of sore fingers.....!!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Here is a picture of a freeform crochet bag that I made. The yarns were all given to me by my lovely friend Prudence mapstone...check out her website...
Making the crochet pieces to cover the bag was easy but fixing it to the plastic mesh base was a nightmare....then I had to crochet a lining for it and attach it and fix it all together. I am glad I did it but wouldn't rush to use the plastic mesh again !!!! I will never sell this bag but will keep it for myself. Today I have been making beanie hats ready for ....ssssh (CHRISTMAS !!!!!!)

Friday, 16 July 2010


well the picture is a bit crooked but you can see that it is one of my cartoons. I used to draw and paint cartoon cards to order but I have dozens of them in boxes in cupboards upstairs...which is why I have gone back to crochet.(my true passion).
Today we went shopping and I went back to the shop that sold the fabulous marl yarn that I used last week to make the slouch beanie.
I bought TWO carrier bags full....mmm.....better get crocheting.
I have finished the latest baby set and just need to sew in all the loose ends....then if I can get nice pictures done, I will list it next week, this space.....

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Just a plain and simple beanie today with a pretty flower on the side.....Jacqueline (the polystyrene head) was very flattered to be
The beanie is actually a lovely cherry red...looks scarlet on here....I really need to learn how to get my camera to take more accurate pictures.
We have had more torrential rain and hailstones this morning....I hope no one mentions global warming to me.!!!!
Our new conservatory looks lovely and the garden furniture was delivered yesterday.....all in flat packs !!!!!!!!!! I don't think anyone makes furniture that is already assembled any more....took 4 hours to put it all together !!!! I could have crocheted a baby set in that time !!!...back to my crochet.....much easier....

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Today I listed a slouch beanie in my folksy shop
I found this yarn in a shop on Monday and thought how pretty it was and very suitable for a beanie....I am going back tomorrow to get some more.....I need more yarn like a hole in the head, but you know how it is........don't you???
The nice thing about this sort of yarn is that even if you make more of the same, each one will turn out to look a bit different which is great as I am not keen on things being the same. Even if I buy a Tshirt I have to paint something on it to change it a bit. I bought some nice sandals in M&S two weeks ago and I am sure hundreds of ladies have the same I put glitter glue on mine !!! love bling.....

Monday, 12 July 2010


well I am doing my blog early today as I have a busy day ahead. Here is the baby set that I listed in my folksy shop this morning.
I am so busy at the moment that I have used a pattern by Heather Davidson. She designs some beautiful baby sets and I am going to make some more. Heather kindly gives permission to sell finished sets and although I am quite capable of designing my own, I am SO busy right now that I just don't have the time to sit down and work it all out. DH has a chiropody appointment this morning and then it is our "wrinklies" club. We run a club for over 60's and today we have a speaker on Welfare rights. After the club, two of our friends always come back here for a cuppa and are usually here for a few hours, so not much time to crochet today...(or blog)...hence typing this at 7.50 AM....
back tomorrow when hopefully I will have more time..............


thank you firstly. to all you lovely people who have transferred here from my old blog and welcome to any newbies.
I have just listed a baby pram set in my folksy shop...the picture here only shows the matinee coat but there is also a pair of bloomers and a matching bonnet.
I have lots of other items to take pictures of and hopefully list soon.
It is grey and dull today, so perhaps my pictures might look better still cannot get to grips with the settings on my camera.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Welcome to all you lovely people who have followed to my new blog.....
here is a picture of a small waistcoat that is in my folksy shop...just to get me started on here.
Thank you all so much for following me...I hope to be able to keep you amused with pics and little comments each this space....back tomorrow....

More Testing

check back on Monday for proper postings to this blog

just testing


Eureka works....
welcome to any of you who have transferred to my new blog and to any new readers.
It has been a nightmare trying to change my email address and password....something that should be so simple, has caused so many problems...
As from tomorrow I hope to be back posting something interesting again !!!!!
Cool here in South Wales......
hope everyone has had a nice weekend!!


Add Imageone of my freeform purses made from a mixture of fibres and stitches.....


just testing as this blog is just directing me to a new now I am not sure which blog I am logging on to


Hooray....after several days of trying it let me use my new email address, so I am living in hope that it will continue to work....
Don't you just hate technical things?.....
SOOOO. I have finished two baby sets...and hope to take pictures of them tomorrow...If this blog works...then I will publish some photos for you all to see.....
fingers crossed that I can continue to post on my blog.....

Friday, 9 July 2010

just testing to see if this posts or not

One of my freeform crochet purses.....
made from an assortment of luxury yarns with different stitches.
for fabulous freeform work check out the work of Prudence Mapstone on
also check out my work in my folksy shop


having terrible trouble getting to post a new this is just a test


well google wouldn't let me access my other account so I am trying a new remains to be seen if it lets me in tomorrow. I apologise to any followers and hope that we can link up again