Sunday, 18 July 2010


well I had a nice lie in this morning and then had to drive down to get a Sunday paper.....
We then went to our local shopping outlet area....not much there, just a Lidl, Focus, Halford, Dream Beds and Pets at home....but TODAY a new Poundstretcher we decided to go and take a look. They sell yarn which works out at just over £1 per 100 g...which is good and we don't have to pay to park....but even better, I got a pack of three biros, a clutch pencil, a rubber and a highlighter......why would I want these????....well... Teresa who does a lot of crochet youtubes has recently been seen with a piece of rubber tubing on her crochet hooks, which makes the hook softer to hold.( I already use Clover soft touch hooks )....anyway on two of the biros were these rubber tubes....Eureka !!!!! I bought a pack (only £1) and have fitted the two tubes on two of my most used hooks that are not the Clover ones.....They are brilliant and SO soft to the touch.....It will save me a lot of sore fingers.....!!!

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  1. I have just done about 5 hours of crocheting and my finger is quite a weird shape now! great tip!

    Cherry tree