Wednesday, 11 August 2010


For years now I have done psychic work....readings, psychic portraits and now I feel drawn back to do the work again. NOT I hasten to add gypsy rosalie type stuff .....that is for fairgrounds.
I draw pictures of people's Spirit guides and sometimes I get a picture of a loved on or relative....I never know what I am going to draw. I sat in a development circle for years and I know that now is the time to pick up where I left off last year.
The crochet is fun and my passion but I know that it is time to follow my Spiritual pathway again.....
I shall never forget the first picture I drew it was of an elderly man's deceased wife...the tears in his eyes when he saw the picture was something that i will always treasure. Sometimes I draw a picture and it takes time for the person to be recognised but that is the way it works.
Today I bought some new art paper and I got requests for THREE psychic portraits in the odd is that? They all said that I had been recommended to them...yet I have no clue who recommended me nor when?

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