Monday, 9 August 2010


I love my crochet...I always will. I love to paint and draw and to make cards and do needlefelting. BUT things are really slow at the moment and I need some income....I registered as self employed so it would be silly to give up now....
SO I have decided to do my psychic readings again......I trained for years to do this, so I might as well make use of my gifts. It will mean that at least I can still crochet etc but the pressure to sell will be lifted and I can enjoy what I make instead of churning out items in the hope of a sale.
For years I did readings and advertised in Psychic News and met some fabulous I have put a new advert least I know that I will get a small income from doing this.
I feel so much better now and can sit and crochet in the evenings making things that I want to make...the pressure is OFF...

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  1. Really good luck with it, not that you'll need it I'm sure. I used to buy Psychic News but haven't read it for years. It'll be nice to be able to just enjoy your crocheting again. :-)