Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ihave just listed this thank you card in my folksy shop. It is a card to send to a nurse or hospital to say Thank You. I did quite a few cartoons yesterday, some of which I will put on ebay later.
The sun is shining and it looks like being a nice day. I am watching the knitting programmes on Create and craft. I cannot believe (well yes I can) that they want (with P&P) £70 for 500g of Rowan wonder people go to the market to buy their knitwear !!!! I know that the market quality is not the same but I think £70 is exhorbitant...especially when you STILL have to make the garment. I spent most of my life , designing, knitting and selling so I know all about yarns, patterns, knitting and crochet but I still think that those prices put it out of reach of most people !!! (off my soapbox now)....

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  1. LOL, I agree! ...and its the same with fabrics for sewing. Hey, I love your Irish dancer. She's sooo cute =)